Deployment to GitHub releases: release_notes (or body alias) are ignored

I created a build descriptor using separate build and deploy stages, with the deploy job using the GitHub releases provider. I use the setup to publish ‘latest’ builds to GitHub releases (essentially, as recommended elsewhere, by in-place retagging etc.). It works, descriptor is here:

The result is here:

Problem: I would like to provide a custom release note for these latest builds, by setting the release_notes (body) member. However, this entry is ignored, with GitHub releases showing the commit message corresponding to the latest tag. Documentation etc. is silent about any rules of precedence here. How can I achieve what I want?

(I found examples using body and release_notes, but they operate on deploy.on.branches rather than deploy.on.tags.)

Thanks for your assistance!

This release was created by this job, triggered by this deployment definition, which uses v1 (no edge).

Please refer to the documentation. body is for v1, release_notes is for v2.

Thanks for pointing that out ! However, this does not fix the issue for me. I changed that to body and the resulting release entry does not feature the body string either:

See this release created by another job, triggered by this adjusted v1-only deployment definition.

Do you have config validation enabled in If so, does disabling it make a difference for v1 deploy?

Yes, validation was enabled:


I toggled it for now and restarted the build manually. I will report back.

Disabling the config validation does not change the picture, I am afraid.

Should I take the other turn, switch to v2 using edge: true and release_notes etc.

It seems there is a bug in the v2 code, so fixing that would be the best option.

Should I open an issue report then?