Github deploy ignoring tag update

Hi, I encountered an issue with a github deployment that has been working rather well thus far. I do a force tag with git tag $VERSION_TAG --force -a -m "Travis build $TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER" and then a deployment, however on a recent job the release remained untagged and I can’t determine why, this is occurring on a -second- deploy of the same tag … which is what the force is meant for (and has been successful in overwriting in the past)

This is the main job:

In each of the parallel jobs the tagging is successful (for example):

But when the deployment happens, I notice it either remains untagged:
Or is actually blank?:
Despite the last line there being the tag update that we want (2.22.8)

This is eventually becomes the release:

I’m not sure what’s happening, perhaps I’m doing this incorrectly? Or if this was a fluke or something else entirely. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Just updating that this is not a fluke, it’s consistently no longer tagging (on a second attempt). Manually deleting the release seems to be a work-around before issuing a ‘rebuild’, so perhaps I can just issue a full deletion of the release/tag before I tag it.