"Skipping a deployment with the releases provider because this is not a tagged commit" despite me creating a tag

I try to deploy a build to GitHub.

I add a tag like “v1.3.13” and the script is running I get the error “Skipping a deployment with the releases provider because this is not a tagged commit”

My .travis.yml

Whats am I doing wrong?

There is no tag matching this regular expression pushed to GitHub. https://github.com/filimo/ReaderTranslator/releases.

You’ll have to modify the regular expression (or change your tag naming scheme) and push new tags.

I pushed the last commit with tag * v1.3.13 and it wasn’t appeared in https://github.com/filimo/ReaderTranslator/releases.
After your answer I went to the release page and rename the last tag with v1.3.13 and clicked on Restart build in Travis CI.
After the build was finished I again saw the same error.

I don’t think renaming the tags on GitHub has the desired effect. You’ll have to push a tag with the matching pattern to GitHub.

I pushed new commit with v1.13.14 tag. Result was same.

We are not getting any build request associated with the pushed tag. https://travis-ci.com/filimo/ReaderTranslator/requests

I see master 20b53c8 request with tag v1.3.14

That’s for the master branch request, which will not trigger deployment.

Do you mean I have to create branch called v1.3.14?

No. I mean that when you push the tag to GitHub with git push --tags, we should receive the notification and run the build, but I don’t see the evidence of this happening.

I think the problem was with Xcode when I create tag and push the commit with doing turn Include tags on.
When I did it in terminal everything went smoothly. Thanks.