Custom domain keeps on getting removed every time i do a deployment

I’m using Docusaurus / Travis CI to build my docs and I’m trying to have them hosted on a custom domain - The way I have it setup right now Travis CI initiates a build every time I do a commit BUT the custom domain gets wiped out every time this happens. I can duplicate the issue by manually initiated builds myself.

It happens regardless of what the repo name is. I’ve tried as the repo name and (to match the custom domain) as the repo name. In both cases the custom domain gets wiped. When the repo name is the site gets published to and when the repo name is the site gets published to .

Am I just going to have to remember to always re-add the custom domain every time I make a commit to my build branch? :persevere:

(also, I see that there are two Deployment categories on - Deployment and Deployment v2 - idk which one I’m using…)

Any ideas?

I’ll PayPal someone $50 for a solution if that’s what I have to do…

I figured this out.

So when the branch is named the master branch is used for deployments. Like is a mirror of what’s in the master branch. The problem is that the *.md files that you modify to work with Docusaurus aren’t the end product so you have to work out of a branch other than master. Within that branch a lot of the root contents are built from the *.md files but the rest of it is copied from the website/statics directory so I just put the CNAME file there and that worked.