Travis CI build error while deployment!

First of all thanks for the tool, it made testing and deployment easier :slight_smile: But whenever I try to deploy the a PR, it also builds the tool with name (travis-ci branch). But this build fails every time (even though the continuous deployment is success). This build script is executing the commands in pre_deploy. I am not sure why this is happening… This is the link to a failed build script:

Can you please help me with it?

Looks like this repository used to run on You’ve moved the builds to .com, but the settings were not moved, and the secrets in .travis.yml need to be re-encrypted.

Thanks for the reply @BanzaiMan If I am running on incorrect domain, my deployment should also be aborted during the phase right ? But my tool is getting successfully deployed whenever a patch is merged…

That must be happening elsewhere. shows no signs of deployment.