Crystal and shards commands are not installed properly in Crystal nightly

I’m trying to setup my crystal project on Travis CI. This is my current .travis.yml:

language: crystal

  - latest
  - nightly

  - crystal spec --verbose

    - master
    # Tags
    - /^v\d+\.\d+(\.\d+)?(-\S*)?$/

For stable, the code is built and tested. However, for nightly, I get this in the build log:

Crystal for Travis-CI is not officially supported, but is community maintained.
Please file any issues using the following link
and mention `@jhass`, `@matiasgarciaisaia`, `@waj` and `@will` in the issue
$ crystal --version
No command 'crystal' found, did you mean:
 Command 'gcrystal' from package 'gcrystal' (universe)
crystal: command not found
$ shards --version
shards: command not found
$ shards install
shards: command not found
The command "shards install" failed and exited with 127 during .
Your build has been stopped.

As evident, something is wrong because both the crystal and shards commands are not present. The build job that caused this is here. I restarted the job once already to verify the presence of the error.

Link to raw build log

On a side note, the CI message directing users to ask about Travis CI problems on Github issues is out of date; it should link here instead.

/cc @jhass, @matiasgarciaisaia, @ waj, @ will

(I can only mention two users as I’m a new user)

The crystal-nightly package is missing from the repository.

I don’t know who’s responsible, but I tend to think this is an upstream issue.

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We’re tracking this at