CI using one month old version of rust nightly

I want to use latest Rust Nightly to build my project.

Here is the config file:

But, it seems to be using one month old nightly:
rustc 1.37.0-nightly (5f9c0448d 2019-06-25)

How do I make it use the latest one?

Also, I tried running the build from my fork and surprisingly it uses latest nightly there with same yml config.

So, why doesn’t it use latest in the PR build?

This is either a variation or the resurfacing of, which was presumably fixed by

There is a short blurb during the installation which might offer a solution:

To configure your current shell run source $HOME/.cargo/env

Could you add this line in your before_script to see if this is effective?

  - source $TRAVIS_HOME/.cargo/env
  - rustc --version
  ⋮ # rest

Sorry, that didn’t work.

It is still using old version.

Surprisingly, earlier today I changed my PR from Draft to “ready for review” and it then used correct nightly version. But now it has reverted back to old one.

I see the problem more clearly now. I think this is a problem with the Rust installer no longer updating nightlies.

In and, you see that the installer recognizes the existing nightly installation, but still updates it.

However, the next one no longer does.

This seems to be a problem with

I’ve reported the problem at

Hi @BanzaiMan. The change suggested by @kinnison on the github issue - will you need to do that in travis or I have to do in my scripts ?

Once the behavior change (and that the previous behavior was wrong) is confirmed, I’ll put the change in. If you want to add it in the meantime, you are welcome to do so.

I have workaround for the meantime to run the build against my fork. (where it works - dont know why).

The build now uses correct version. Many thanks @BanzaiMan for quick response and solution. :slight_smile: