"Could not locate requirements.txt" running a deploy-only job

Unable to find the reason why deployment fails in https://travis-ci.com/facebook/Ax/builds/127884606. Also tried a reduced version, with install added to the deployment step, which did not work either and also did not log an error: https://travis-ci.com/facebook/Ax/builds/127911029. How can I go about debugging the deployment?

Newly made build on a branch to which requirements.txt has been added and on which a non-encrypted password is being used for pytext, still failing: https://travis-ci.com/facebook/Ax/builds/127921713, posting in case it can be helpful.

Your deploy job has no install: (and there’s no global one), so the default one is being used.

You probably want to incorporate the deploy: clause into another job that actually builds the package that you want to deploy. Otherwise, you’d need to pass the build artifacts from another job.

Thank you very much, that worked!