"continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr" not appearing in PR checks randomly

Currently it has passed if I go to https://travis-ci.org/github/google/capirca/pull_requests
The first two commits failed but the last one succeeded. It however is not showing up in the checks at the bottom of the PR. I am at a loss for what to look into.

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LGTM @ https://github.com/google/capirca/pull/205. It’s another check that’s holding the resulting status off:

2020-06-29 19_17_13-Added travis tests that ensure whitespace will fail the PR check by taliamax · P

Seems it appeared after another push, it was not there originally and me and the author chatted about why it might not have appeared.

Unfortunately, that PR’s author did a forced push which deleted all the evidence. So it’s not possible to investigate that problem now.