Compiling the project takes too long for a single job, Travis is timing out on me

The build is using MAKEFLAGS=-j3. I understood there are only two cores assigned to a build. Is it possible to get more cores for a build w/o a paid subscription? Three cores would already be enough. Thank you!

Here’s some more background information. The project is bundling five emulators and has about 5000 source files that need to be compiled. It builds with -j12 in 11 minutes on my Ryzen machine. I tested compiling with clang, which takes a bit longer. I believe the project is as streamlined as possible. I am running out of ideas how to make Travis CI work…

Hey @beaumanvienna,

See if this is any help to you:

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As a side note, you should use -j<ncpus> for CPU-bound tasks like compilation. The common theory that it’s optimal to pass <ncpus+1> is not confirmed by experiment: