Builds queuing for hours with public git repo


We are experiencing a number of builds taking an age to start, occasionally three hours. Despite no current builds running.

Our travis:

Many Thanks,

Hey @dtaylor7,

Here’s a FAQ to clear things up and to reiterate we’re in the process of migrating projects from to - you can find out more about how this might affect your builds here:

many thanks for this.

I’m having the same problem. I read the migration info, and it sounds like I should only be experiencing potential slowdowns if I’m coming from org. I am not. I am consistently experiencing multi-hour slowdowns with every build (waiting at “Queued”), and I am only running one build each time.

As this is my first time to try Travis, I’m already looking for an alternative. I’ll try Github Actions next.

Guys, it is killing my ability to deliver new capabilities in my open source products. All my deploy processes trust in the Travis workflow, to put the code in the staging env and after that, in production. It takes hours to take my job for each one. =(

I’m very disappointed to know that it could take until January.