Xenial support in multi-cpu architecture

Hi, it seems so far only Ubuntu-18.04 is supported on Arm64. Is there any plan to support other versions like Ubuntu-16.04? Quite a few OSS projects are still using 16.04 as their basic Ci environment.

Hello @JunHe77!

Happy to see you checking ARM based builds!
Yes, the Xenial support will be added shortly. We do not plan to add support for earlier versions than Xenial for LXD-based builds though. Hope it helps?

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Hi, @Michal,

Really glad to see Xenial is coming. Thanks for that.

Hi @JunHe77

Xenial is out there :slight_smile:
Please take a look at Xenial and cache support added for ARM builds changelog as well as Build Environment Overview documentation update.

Happy Building!