Arm64 job is incorrectly labelled as amd64

Thanks for your quick response. I have a new problem.
you can see the link below:

I use arm64 arch, but the log (See Line234, open CPU information section, the info is print by lscpu command) tell me that it’s a x86 environment. What’s wrong?

Hi @wangxiyuan

Apparently in this specific case the CPU ARCH label doesn’t match correctly the environment (need to take it to the team). If you expand ‘Worker Information’ (please take a look at Build Environment Overview doc) in this particular build job you’ll see it’s been run on GCE - so cpu info matches correctly the machine it’s run on, it seems to be kind of wrong arch label presentation EDIT or wrongly routed job /EDIT.

Please be advised: Your build matrix includes both arch: arm64 and no arch-defined jobs. The latter would default to amd64 cpu arch, which are currently run on GCE.