Can't find a repository that I just added .travis.yml to

I’ve added .travis.yml to my repository:

For some kind of reason this repository doesn’t show up in my travis dashboard.

I have allowed access to all repositories, even though I only wanted to test it out on this one repository, because when I specified only this repository, it didn’t show up. But after allowing access to all repositories, it still doesn’t show up.

I assume by the dashboard, you mean It only shows “active repositories” – i.e. those where there were recent builds.

To see all your repositories, go to . It’s availble at <Account icon> -> Settings -> Repositories, or as a plus sign in the left pane at

I don’t see it at all in either of those:

It may have been a matter of syncing data (“Sync account” button), but it now seems to me that you should see the repository (based on the internal data). Could you confirm?

No I cannot see it.

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From the screenshot, I see that you did find your project since you’re looking at the builds page for it.

Now push some commits and see if anything appears in More options -> Requests.

Now push some commits and see if anything appears in More options -> Requests .

Nothing appears.

This is how I had it as well. Another thing I did IIRC was to re-activate the Travis Github App. I also just played with the settings and changed it from all repositories to just one in my Github settings.

This reduced the list on Travis-CI (.com) to exactly two repositories. The one I allowed and there seems to be some very old orphaned one I have no idea about where it comes from.

Maybe it helps removing and adding the Travis App on Github and changing the configuration to the one repository you’re looking for right now.

With further experiments I could find out something intereseting: The list of repositories is filtered. I can’t look into Travis, but how it appears to me is, that the list is not showing any repositories that have been built on the Travis .org and were not migrated yet. This may not be in your case, however the repositories that were filtered out under the repositories tab I could now find under the migrate tab in account settings.

Maybe this sheds some light.

I’m not sure why the name of this discussion has been changed to state a problem which is different from the actual problem about which I am enquiring, but the problem is persisting:

Maybe it helps removing and adding the Travis App on Github and changing the configuration to the one repository you’re looking for right now.

That might help, but that seems to require me to play guessing games with the travis interface about some kind of problem which I did not cause and which should have been easy to resolve. It is also very odd that the title of my enquiry was changed so that it now says something I didn’t ask about.

I signed up for a Travis account and then this repository did not properly appear in the interface for some reason. It has nothing to do with “just added .travis.yml to”, the repository didn’t appear regardless of .travis.yml.

It actually looks like a bug of some kind in Travis.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it also looked like a bug to me some weeks ago and I was just like banging the wall. It eventually resolved for me in ~3 days but I have not written down the exact steps to share. So I feel with you but sorry that I can not provide direct steps. I’m only recovering from memory here.

It was really WTF the repository did not appear in the list under the repository tab. And it was just today by chance that I found it appearing under the migration tab. Thanks to your posting here btw. otherwise I would not have reviewed it. Also thanks for your help, I could solve limiting the repositories.

And also sorry in case my earlier reply did trigger something that made a mod change the title. That was absolutely not my intention.

The UI for sure is kind of not so intuitive. But regarding your earlier comment why this does not work as it is there for years, when I go on your repositories page (the one you ask about), it shows a message about joining a beta, so I’m not so sure that is the year-long product of Travis but a new one. Just saying:


/edit: the beta message appears when I go there with-out icognito mode in my browser. the screenshot does not show it well (as it is from archive-org copy). here the real thing:

Thanks Tom, very nice of you to reply with such consideration. I have quite a lot of things to do at the moment so I’ll just leave this for now and perhaps I’ll come back later. Thanks everyone.

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