Can't create a new travis build?

tha’s my repo, with the .travis.yaml file attached to it. For some reason, Triggering a build on my Travis Dashboard shows his.

However the travis build isn’t completed whatsoever, whenever I check my dashboard for builds no new builds were made.

There is also this weird error
“We are unable to start your build at this time. You exceeded the number of users allowed for your plan. Please review your plan details and follow the steps to resolution.”

Even though I selected the free plan, and I added my credit card.
I have also added the ENV variables to my Travis dashboard for DOCKER_PASSWORD and DOCKER_USERNAME
.travis.yaml file:

language: node_js
  - 13

  - docker

# Pre-testing installs
  - echo "nothing needs to be installed"

# Scripts to be run such as tests
  - echo "no tests"

  - docker --version # print the version for logging
  - docker build -t simple-node .
  - docker tag simple-node amrnashaat98/simple-node:latest

# Tasks to perform after the process is successful. Formatting the Docker username and password as below enables you to programmatically log in without having the password exposed in logs.
  - echo "$DOCKER_PASSWORD" | docker login -u "$DOCKER_USERNAME" --password-stdin
  - docker push amrnashaat98/simple-node:latest```