Docker build successful and pushed, but still is marked as failed


on a new image I built, the build now finishes successfully and was successfully pushed to docker hub, but it is still marked as failed. Any idea why? the last few lines of the travis file below.

# push image
- echo "$DOCKER_PASSWORD" | docker login -u "$DOCKER_USERNAME" --password-stdin
- >
if [ "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" == "master" ] && [ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" == "false" ]; then
  #docker login -u="$DOCKER_USER" -p="$DOCKER_PASS"
  docker push user/jupyter-basenotebook:latest
  docker push user/jupyter-basenotebook

Build url

When reporting a problem, please include relevant build URLs. Thanks.


Here’s a command that failed:

Thanks. Question about that - supposedly, from docker 1.13 and up, tini is included in docker itself, so it is no longer necessary to include it manually. Is that correct? If not, why the error?

Sorry, but I don’t know enough about Docker to give you an answer to that question.