Add Python 3.10

Python 3.10.0 final was released yesterday, 2021-10-04:

Please could you also add support for Python 3.10?

Thank you!

PS It took 20 days for 3.9 (Python 3.9.0 build) and 21 hours for 3.8 (Add Python 3.8 support) :slight_smile:


Reminder for when this does get added, make sure to put "3.10" with quotes in your YAML, otherwise itโ€™ll interpret 3.10 as a float => 3.1 and youโ€™ll get a surprise!

Longer version:

Any update on this??


An while you are at it, please consider adding python โ€œ3.11-devโ€ as well:
PEP 664 โ€“ Python 3.11 Release Schedule

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