Add Python 3.10

Python 3.10.0 final was released yesterday, 2021-10-04:

Please could you also add support for Python 3.10?

Thank you!

PS It took 20 days for 3.9 (Python 3.9.0 build) and 21 hours for 3.8 (Add Python 3.8 support) :slight_smile:


Reminder for when this does get added, make sure to put "3.10" with quotes in your YAML, otherwise itโ€™ll interpret 3.10 as a float => 3.1 and youโ€™ll get a surprise!

Longer version:

Any update on this??


An while you are at it, please consider adding python โ€œ3.11-devโ€ as well:
PEP 664 โ€“ Python 3.11 Release Schedule


Python 3.10.1 came out last week:

Whatโ€™s needed to add 3.10 final to Travis CI? Is there something we can help with?

Hey folks,

Python โ€œ3.10.0โ€ should be already available.

I have completed the build for โ€œ3.10.1โ€, please give it ~24 hours to be available for images.

I have also triggered builds for โ€œ3.11-devโ€, it should be available around the same time.


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Thanks @mustafa! Does that mean "3.10" will resolve to the latest python version in that release, same as how other python versions work?

"3.10" is not yet working, I get:

Downloading archive:
$ curl -sSf --retry 5 -o python-3.10.tar.bz2 ${archive_url}
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404

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~48 hours later 3.10 is still not available:

$ curl -sSf --retry 5 -o python-3.10.tar.bz2 ${archive_url}
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 
Unable to download 3.10 archive. The archive may not exist. Please consider a different version.

Looks like the problem might be here?

sudo env PYTHON_BUILD_ROOT=/opt/pyenv/plugins/python-build \
  /opt/pyenv/plugins/python-build/bin/python-build --verbose $VERSION $INSTALL_DEST/$VERSION
python-build: definition not found: 3.10
The command "./bin/compile" exited with 2.

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Also 3.10.0, 3.10.1 and 3.11-dev are failing in a similar way:

So 3.10.0 and 3.10.1 now work (with Bionic and Focal), thatโ€™s good news.

But 3.10 still does not work because python-3.10.tar.bz2 is lacking, as shown in this list

This tar file needs to be added just like python-3.9.tar.bz2, python-3.8.tar.bz2 are already present next to their minor releases.

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Python 3.10.2 was released 3 days ago:

3.10.2 and 3.10 are not available on Travis:

@mustafa Please could you add 3.10.2 and also add and point 3.10 to the latest available?

Is there something we can help out with? Itโ€™s been over three months since 3.10 was released.

Thank you.


Now, Python โ€œ3.10.2โ€ is ready to use for both Focal and Bionic images. And also โ€œ3.10โ€ should be available as well.



Confirmed both 3.10 and 3.10.2 are now available, thank you!