How to run tests on Python 3.13?

I have a couple projects that I have been testing against Python 3.12 for a while, and I’m adding testing for Python 3.13 now that 3.12 is out and 3.13 is the next upcoming release. However, I haven’t been able to find anything about how to use 3.13 on Travis.

I’ve been using this .travis.yml file for a few months:

dist: jammy # Ubuntu 22.04
language: python
  - "3.10"
  - "3.11"
  - "3.12-dev"
  - python -m pip install pytest requests watchdog
  - make test-travis

However, when I add “3.13” or “3.13-dev”, neither of those is found.

I’ve also tried e-mailing the support e-mail a few days ago, but got no reply. There’s a “live chat” option under “contact” on the Travis landing page, but it’s not a link and doesn’t seem to do anything. Travis support has been responsive in the past, so now I’m wondering what’s going on over there.

Hi @Densaugeo,

Python 3.13 support hasn’t been added yet. It will be added soon. I’ll update this post as soon as it has.

Thanks, please do.