Abuse detected on multiple repositories after migration

after migration from .org to .com our organization on github experience huge problems because of lots of repositories can not run tests. In interface I see that requests are marked as “Abuse detected”, but that’s not true - our repos are 100% open-sourced, and PRs are created by our students (real people, not bots). This wasn’t a problem with the same organization, repositories, and even students on .org.
Can you please transfer anti-fraud settings from the previous stage, it blocks us a lot - we can not really do anything.

Links to some repositories, in fact, there are more


As I said there are much more:


We ask them to write you emails, but it feels that something is wrong with the anti-fraud system, can you please help me with this problem?

Please do something about it, that’s a lot of false positives abuse detections, I can send links here all day, but not sure if it really makes sense. Asking people to write emails is fine, but clearly, there is something wrong with the system itself.


as I mentioned in my first message this happens only after migration, this happened just a few times before migration couple of years ago and you were able to fix it.
here is the old topic I found: "Abuse detected" in many PRs

Hey @tadjik1,

I will look into this a bit further for you and get back to you as soon as possible.

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@Montana hey! thanks a lot!
some of the students already wrote emails and they were told that they flag was cleared up. However even for their repos “abuse detected” is still there, for example:


Hey @tadjik1,

Great news! Hang in there a bit as I see some of this still coming in through support. Thank you for your patience.

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Do you have any news here? We still see a lot of PRs that are marked as “Abuse detected” unfortunately.
Some students write you emails but not everyone will do it, would it be possible to fix it in a more general way on your side?

You can clearly see that requests on .org were successfully built, but after migration (which I did on 31.01), it becomes “Abuse detected”:


That doesn’t sound right… Last response 3 days ago and no solution for almost a week. I believe the best for me would be to switch our system to Github Actions.