Some PR are not analyzed with message "Abuse detected"

On our project , all PR of one of our contributor are not analyzed. They appeared with message Abuse detected in the page
Why ? How can i fix this ?

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Hey @eldy,

It looks like the defrance user isn’t known by us (yet) and that’s why we are flagging their change as potentially abusive. Sorry for the inconvenience.

To sort this out, could you ask them to log in to at least once? They should be able to trigger a build afterward.

Please let us know the result!


Also seeing this message on a PR opened against my repo. Any ideas?

The autor of the PR mentions that he already has a travis account associated with his Github.

Please try again.

We’re also seeing this under the IdentityPython/SATOSA project.
The contributor has already created an account on travis.

@c00kiemon5ter Just to let you know that your contributor’s account has been unflagged. Please ask them to try again.

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Hi, @dominic I also face this question “Abuse detected” today. Ref: This account is used only by myself and I did not use it frequentlly。Please help to check it, thank you!

Hi, @dominic! I also face the same issue. Please take a loot at it here: Abuse detected for my PRs and some commits

A bunch of new contributors to the project I lead are experiencing this, even when they log into Travis before submitting anything, and it is really slowing us down :frowning: Why is this happening?

We have various (some admittedly naĂŻve) means of reducing abuse. We are unable to share what they are for obvious reasons, so if you believe you have been flagged wrongly, the best thing to do is to contact us at with details (repository, PR URL, etc.).


p.s. On a side note, @dominic no longer works at Travis.

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All my commits and pull requests are blocked sayin Abuse detected
I am properly signed in
Initially I was not the owner of the repository, so i had the repository transferred to my ownership but Travis still thinks I am an abuser