"Abuse detected" in many PRs

Hey there,

we have problem with building PRs for our organisation js-tasks-ru. We are creating repositories for our students and they send PRs with solutions for various tasks.
However recently very often we experienced lot of problems that PRs are simply ignored on travis side, we see “Abuse detected” in “requests” tab.
There are some examples of PRs:

and there are much more. They all done by real users, but somehow travis doesn’t want to run builds for them.

Please help us to solve this problem, it’s very crucial for us. We are ok to move to payed plan if it solves this problem. It’s just super unclear what we are doing wrong here.

Not sure if suggested topic is relevant, in our case there are multiple repositories, multiple users, all with same symptoms.
Is there a way to solve it?

AFAICS those are students’ projects for the same course. So most probably, they have much in common – e.g. are likely built on top of the same base code.

In any case, the only way to find out what specifically triggers abuse detection is to localize the problem: remove stuff until the problem goes away, then re-add until it returns. (you don’t even need the code to work, it only needs to pass the initial screening)

If you remove/re-add half the content each time, you’ll find the culprit in logarithmic time.

We have various (some admittedly naïve) means of reducing abuse. We are unable to share what they are for obvious reasons, so if you believe you have been flagged wrongly, the best thing to do is to contact us at support@travis-ci.com with details (repository, PR URL, etc.).


@BanzaiMan thanks a lot for providing answer! that sounds absolutely reasonable from your side.
however we are relying on this because this all is about e-learning platform and real students who are sending their solutions. we create repositories for them and they are solving tasks without any creation or configuration steps needed.

do you think it could be possible to add our organisation in “trusted” list or something like this? as I mentioned before I’m not aware if you have this feature or switching to payed plan would help. but if so - please let me know, our work is relying on it very hard so we are ready to pay for this thing.