About support MIPS64el Linux on Travis CI


Let me explain directly, we expect Travis CI can support mips64le which is another architecture of CPU.

It can be predicted that this will be a difficult and complex job. We can discuss the specific implementation later.

My job is to improve CNCF ecology on MIPS. The update iteration speed of CNCF software is much faster than traditional compilers and operating systems and CI/CD is an indispensable part of it.

Travis CI has been a widely adopted solution in CI/CD field and also important for the open source community. If we want to improve the MIPS ecology in community, your, Travis CI will provide us with great help such as https://github.com/Yelp/dumb-init/issues/217

Now let us talk about the solution. I can only expect this to be a complicated job, but i don’t understand the details of your system. I think there are two aspects of work, machine and maintenance.

For the machine, we will provide it free of charge. For the maintenance, we are also very happy to assist, but we definitely need your guidance. In out expectation, very few will use Travis services on MIPS at first, as our work progresses, users will gradually increase.

The above is all i want to talk about, i look forward to your reply. thank!