2019 Travis CI Community Survey

With the end of the year approaching, we’re excited to launch the 2019 Travis CI Community Survey.

What has been working well? What should we improve? What should we focus on next year? Tell us about your experience and help us build a better product!

Take the survey.

More info in this blog post.

Had problems with the survey’s engine (got through but they cost me a fair amount of time):

  • There’s no way to go back if I misclicked
  • Progress is not saved so if I close the window for any reason, I have to start over – and the survey is rather long

In https://docs.travis-ci.com/legal/2019-survey-terms-conditions/#3-deadlines, the dates seem to be off, and not even by a year since it’s not 10.12 yet.

@native-api thank you for the heads up about the dates in the docs, I just changed it! :sweat_smile:

As per your other suggestions:

  • You should be able to scroll up to go back to the previous question in most cases. The exception is when the set of questions changes (a few times in the survey), then it’s impossible to go back. We heavily depend on Typeform for that and don’t have control over this.
  • I looked into saving responses and returning to them later. Typeform explains here why this is sadly not possible.

I hope those problems didn’t prevent you from submitting the feedback you were planning to share.
I look forward to reading it!

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Question 3, “Which of the below describes you best”: Did you guys miss “I’m professionally using hosted Travis for years?”


I think that in that case, option “A” would be the most fitting one.