XCode Helper is not trusted for accessibility



I am trying to get our macOS UI Tests working on TravisCI, but I am running into the issue that the XCode Helper App is not trusted for accessibility.
Since in macOS 10.13 the tcc database is protected by SIP I am out of ideas how I can trust XCode Helper for Accessibility.

Is there anyone successfully running XCode UI tests for a macOS application.





I have an empty GUI app for macOS that just hosts unit tests that uses platform-specific code. I haven’t had problems with that but also haven’t done any real UI testing yet. I suspect that UI testing will produce a different result in my case too but is there anything specific that we could quickly try in order to reproduce the problem?


Hey there,

We just launched the 10.2 beta. Could you give that a shot to see if it still happens there?

Either way, we have an open bug report internally that we’ll be looking into. :slight_smile: