Xcode 15 / iOS 17 support

Is there already a beta for Xcode 15 or any ETA?


I’m also interested to hear about the above question.

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Still no Xcode 15 support. That currently means i have to remove travis from the project :frowning:

Is there another platform that has adopted xcode 15 image already?

CircleCI does Testing iOS applications on macOS - CircleCI

We need iOS 17 support for SwiftData. I wrote a email for official Travis CI Support.

The Travis CI Team said they don’t have specific details on the timeline for XCode 15 support. :sob:

But the quickly reply of email help us to make decisions to try other solutions. :+1:

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Got this in an email from Apple Developer Relations late last night:

ITMS-90725: SDK version issue - This app was built with the iOS 16.2 SDK. Starting April 29, 2024, all iOS and iPadOS apps must be built with the iOS 17 SDK or later, included in Xcode 15 or later, in order to be uploaded to App Store Connect or submitted for distribution.

So it’s going to become a blocker in a couple months. Would be good to be able to test it out sooner, since functionality does often change based on which xcode version you use to build.

This is a much longer delay than for the past two years, which were both supported by travis in about a month, but this time it’s been 5 months.

Travis support informed me that they “don’t have a ETA we can share on the timeline for XCode 15 support.” Since this will soon become a blocker for all iOS releases, I’m going to have to start migrating to another CI platform as well. Best of luck to anyone facing the same issue!

Hi there,

do you know if there is any possible workaround to solve this until Travis adds supports for it?

I’ve asked Travis for support again… hopefully they are aware of the importance

Travis support hasn’t suggested any workaround so I am just planning on distributing manually for now and looking into Jenkins for the future.
Please let others like me know if you figured out a workaround

Same as NOT supporting Xcode if Travis is not providing Xcode15.
Please support Xcode15 immediately or provide some workaround!

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We migrated to xcode cloud. It’s pretty nice so far, and a lot cheaper than github actions would have been

I sent Travis an email, and they kindly replied saying:

Our teams are actively working on the latest releases for Travis CI, 
but we don't have a ETA we can share on the timeline for XCode 15 support. 
We appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the most up-to-date features.
Our engineers have been pinged about this feature request!

Hopefully this is useful information for you :pray: