[request] Xcode 11 beta MacOS image

Please could Travis provide an Xcode 11 beta image?

The latest Swift 5.1 development snapshots require Xcode 11 as they require the latest MacOS SDK, and we’d like to be able to run CI for our Swift projects to ensure it functions when Swift 5.1 and Xcode 11 are released.


+1 to this.

Seems like we had Xcode 10 beta support , can we please have Xcode 11 beta support?

seems like this is implemented, Xcode11 is available in the list of OSX images, see docs.

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Confirmed. This was implemented and it’s working. Sample project:

Danke Schön! Thanks!

+1 i can’t build anything on travis’s macosx atm

update: https://changelog.travis-ci.com/xcode-11-0-beta-5-is-now-available-111563 -> resolved