Xcode 14 / ios 16 support


Is it possible to add xcode14 / ios 16 support?



Still no Xcode 14?

Its been a few weeks. Is there any sort of ETA on this?

unclear why the lack of response nor keep up to date with the world.
Circle CI, github actions, both have xcode 14 already…

Is there a way to tag an admin?

:cricket::cricket: would be nice to start using swift 5.7

Last year xcode 13 was released on Sept 20 and travis supported it by Oct 22nd Xcode13 environment - #6 by dasoga

This year xcode 13 was released on Sept 12 but travis still doesn’t support. Maybe they were waiting for Ventura official release, which happened today.

There is a new macOS 12.6 image with Xcode 14.0.1 :partying_face:

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Hey all,

We are now running on macOS 12.6 the Xcode 14.01 (14A400) build environment is now available under the tag osx_image: xcode14. Other tools were updated like Fastlane to version 2.2101.1, and CocoaPods to version .1.11.3 and SwiftLint to 0.491.