Wrong branch names on gitlab

When using gitlab for a branch named bug/travis-branch-name travis clone step fails to clone becuase the branch is reported as travis-branch-name instead, causing the clone step to fail

in other words travis uses:

git clone --branch=travis-branch-name yada yada

instead of

git clone --branch=bug/travis-branch-name yada yada

with gitlab reposotories

Build example: https://travis-ci.com/gitlab/a14m/Game%20of%20Life/jobs/456043427
Issue is documented in the commit that triggered the build here: https://gitlab.com/a14m/game-of-life/-/commit/2b54767dc154b2d5c115812e605ef367eac5a382

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I have the same issue…
It is a bug and hope they fix it…