Build not triggering for correct branch, defaults to master - Need urgent help!


For years, we have been using Travis to create and auto-deploy our application - EvalAI.
However, recently the builds stopped running for our staging and production branches. Any push to those branches is run for only the master branch.
Earlier, pushing to staging branch used to trigger the build for staging branch.

Here is a previous build on the staging branch:

Here is a new build after pushing on staging, the branch checked out is master:

Here is the current travis configuration:

Has there been some update in the way configurations are handled or the default parameters?
This is stressful as we are not able to fix any bugs in our application or add new features.

Any help is appreciated.


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We have been having the same issue and Travis is working on a support ticket.

Our workaround is to push to the branch and then use the Trigger Build option to force the build to run on the branch.


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We’ve been experiencing the same issue for the last 8 days or so - pure speculation, but I’m wondering if this bug fix created the issue for the rest of us: Job triggered by tag but TRAVIS_BRANCH is different to TRAVIS_TAG

The behavior we’re seeing is that we no longer receive a TRAVIS_TAG and the TRAVIS_BRANCH is set to master instead of how it previously was set to the release tag.

@MarkvM - do you have a link to where Travis mentioned they are working on a support ticket for this?


Hi @jsadwith
I don’t have a link. I know they are working on it because it is my ticket and they are keeping me up to date.

I am surprised that it isn’t mentioned on the status page I’ll add to my ticket to suggest it is important enough to mention, and perhaps they will do something about it?

Hey all,

This should be fixed now - sorry for any delays.


Thanks a lot everyone!
This is fixed for me :slight_smile:

Hi @gchhablani,

No problem!

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