Issue: PR build using wrong commit entirely (Migrated from GitHub)

I updated my pull request during this build:

While a new build was started with the updated branch, some jobs of the running build picked up the UPDATED branch, while others used the old one (the ones that succeeded).

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Travis gets the source from a special Github’s ref linked to the PR, there’s no way to detect if Github “pulled the rug from underneath us” and changed its contents midway.

So the expected behavior would probably be to cancel the build if the PR branch is force-pushed (not sure if regular pushing also applies).

The pull request synchronize event contains a ‘merge_commit_sha’, you should use that instead of the ‘refs/pull/?/merge’ ref.

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I’m still having this issue. Is there any news about it?

Going to be (and just started) looking into this personally. Will get back to you as soon as I’ve found an end result.

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