Windows: Python, `pip` module not found?

Heads up I’m not a Windows user by any means so could be totally lost here.

Here is an example build that demonstrates the issue:

This yaml setup used to work just fine like a day ago?

It also appears I’m not the only one seeing this.

I tried adding python -m ensurepip to the before_install steps and got this failed build instead.

Not sure what else I’m missing at this point. pip seems like a pretty key package that used to work just fine on these images.

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Looks like this is something to do with trying to use a specific version of Python (was trying to force 3.7 but 3.8 [latest] seems to be getting installed)?

It’s odd because the docs on this seem to suggest that what I am doing is ok?

Seems to work once I don’t hardcode the version into the Python path being used but then the tests run on 3.8 which is not desired (yet).

You can force a specific version with choco install --version:

choco install python --version 3.7.5

The example in the docs is not bulletproof. It worked when it was written and 3.8 was released 2 days ago. You can suggest an improvement using the “Improve this page on Github” button.

Today you’ll get an error from 3.7.5 (which came out on 10/15/19). Might work tomorrow. 3.7.4 will work though.

You can use 3.8 pretty easily without refreshenv. Set an env with the 3.8 PATH:

os: windows
language: shell
env: PATH=/c/Python38:/c/Python38/Scripts:$PATH
- choco install python
- python -m pip install -r requirements/ci.txt

Sweet thanks for the tip on running 3.7 @YakDriver and @native-api.

I actually just made one job run whatever is latest python 3.x which avoids hard coding any $PATH stuff afaict.

I’m gonna try the --version flag to choco and see what I get for keeping a 3.7 run on windows.

For the extra lolz, apparently choco install python versus python3 matters:

with just python it’s rekt:

versus with python3 everything’s fine:

Check the configs; that’s the only difference.

Note that I wrote python, not python3. These are different packages and for python, 3.7.5 is already available. Check available versions with choco list -e -a <package name>.

The logs show that python3 always installs to C:\Python while python installs to C:\PythonXY.

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That’s good information. Thanks!

Summary, choco install python vs. choco install python3:


  • New versions might be available sooner (or at least different times than python3)
  • Installs Python to C:\PythonXY
  • Requires either refreshenv or setting PATH (or using full path in using Pip and Python)


  • New versions might be available later (or at least different times than python)
  • Installs Python to C:\Python
  • Requires either refreshenv or setting PATH (or using full path in using Pip and Python)