Windows Perl - building Net::Curl

^^ I’m trying to test a module that requires Net::Curl, but the build keeps failing because apparently Net::Curl can’t build … is the libcurl DLL not installed when I’m forcibly reinstalling curl?

Without seeing the package’s build log, it’s impossible to say what specifically is wrong. Try cpanm -v and/or cat'ing the log file that the build refers to.

As can be seen from a snapshot of a Windows builder, it does have a libcurl and its headers installed as a Chocolatey package. Maybe some compiler switches or other envvars are needed for Strawberry Perl to find that library or something else that it needs.

@native-api: Thank you; I’ve been trying various things. I realized that that PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable is empty; that may be what’s going on.

Is there some way to find out where all of the files in the curl chocolatey package are? Some equivalent to rpm -ql?

No, there isn’t, since Chocolatey packages wrap stock installers and installation scripts rather than files directly like rpm. Package authors however try to install everything under %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\lib\[Package Name] and such whenever possible so you can check the snapshot. Of course, you can also install the same package locally and see what changed in the file system.