Windows builds: how to copy only some tools to the git bash root

I have a build process in which I need some tools from msys2, I can use choco to install msys2 and then managed to use the pacman tool from msys2 to install some tools like SDL2 and others, in my local space I can copy the bin, dlls & includes to the linux root inside the git-win shell but travis fails with access denied and some times with other errors, see it here: & here

The is a way to circumvent that or maybe other not including PATH mixing, mixing both git-win & msys2 fs space will give more troubles, I’m just copying some of the tools from msys2 to the git bash root.

Mixing up environments of Git and MSYS is not a good idea because they both emulate a UNIX environment, in slightly different ways (at the very least, the emulated mount points are different), so mixing them up is very likely to cause conflicts and breakages. Moreover, if the specific versions of Windows Git and MSYS2 happen to be based on different versions of cygwin1.dll, you won’t be able to launch executables from the other ecosystem at all.

It’s better to rather run your commands in a proper MSYS2 environment: