Visual Studio 2017 C++ support please

Please add C++ support for Windows. I tried to but got an error message:
Worker information

hostname: 7d3c9604-2496-4a1a-87a8-b661a08d937a@1.production-1-worker-com-gce-x740

version: v6.2.0

instance: travis-job-b374ae6b-7995-4e17-b375-1957612e65d4 travis-ci-onion-1803-containers-1542208204-ad01dca (via amqp)

startup: 6.734706836s

The language ‘c++’ is currently unsupported on the Windows Build Environment.

Let us know if you’d like to see it: Thanks for understanding!

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Can’t you just add choco install vcredist2017 to the install?