Travis ci integration with artifactory

How to integrate travis and artifactory

Hi @Sagar2366!

Would you like to resolve dependencies with Artifactory and/or upload something into Artifactory?

While this isn’t something built-in at Travis CI right now, depending on your workflow, you could install the JFrog CLI during build time with either:

   - curl -fL | sh

or instead brew install jfrog-cli-go for macOS builds or installing it with npm npm install -g jfrog-cli-go Ref:

And use environment variables to store and fetch your Artifactory API Key .

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Hi @MariadeAnton, for your help. As we didn’t found any articles/ tutorials for integrating Travis CI with Artifactory, moved to Jenkins which we found better option at that time and got help from active community every time we needed.

I see, thanks for your swift reply @Sagar2366!

If you end up coming back and giving this a try, we’d love to hear how it goes.

Yes, definitely ! I will give a try on this again

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Hi, @MariadeAnton

Is using JFrog CLI the only way to upload to Artifactory PyPi instances? I’m attempting to upload to two internal PyPi repos by having two provider: pypi entries in my deploy stage, but that isn’t working. I may just need to have Travis call jfrog CLI once for each repo.

Thanks, María!