Urgent! Plan upgrade

We are on Premium Plan, but can’t run any jobs due to ‘negative credit balance’. There isn’t an option to upgrade, I’ve contacted support but no response. It’s seriously affecting our business and it’s quite ridiculous we can’t get any direct support. Does any one have an idea what should I do?

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+1 for this issue - we are experiencing the same thing. We have an premium level account and have been suspended for more than 12 hours now. Engaged support for the first time about an hour ago (as soon as I was notified).

Same issue. No real answer form the support.

Guess it’s link to Add new Trial plan by speedywizard · Pull Request #2632 · travis-ci/travis-web · GitHub

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Not sure about the rest of y’all but the issue magically resolved itself for us a moment ago.

Got message form support tell me should me fix.
Unfortunately error message “We are unable to start your build at this time. You exceeded the number of users allowed for your plan. Please review your plan details and follow the steps to resolution.” is no present.

But still an error when i try to restart a build i got a “An error occurred. The build could not be restarted.” and on network console i see “Builds have been temporarily disabled for private repositories due to a insufficient credit balance”

A deploy has been fixed, and should not be an issue anymore.

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ah thank u @Montana it is now working now