Builds disabled because of negative credit balance whereas there are still credits

Hello everyone,

I tried to launch a build on my project: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

But I get the following error message: ‘Builds have been temporarily disabled for public repositories due to a negative credit balance. Please go to the Plan page to replenish your credit balance or alter your Consume paid credits for OSS setting.’

If go to my Settings → Plan → Below a screenshot of my credit balance:

I don’t get why it doesn’t work and I’m not allowed to run builds, could you help me to fix this please ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Hello everyone,

I have the same issue here.

Despite having the ‘Consume paid credits for OSS’ enabled, I keep getting the ‘negative balance’ error message when I want to run a Windows build (from a public repo) on Travis ci.

Any help would be appreciated,

same issue
here also, even though I knew it still getting that negative balance issue, again I changed my card details then also still getting it.
why did @travis-architect @travis-ullink #travis-build #product #deployment #integrations

happens can anyone look into it, please?
In the beginning that happens and but that solution is also not available.
please solve this issue that will helpfule lot of people those facing problem.
do something for beginners !!!

#build #deployment #platform #issues-migrated #known-issue

Sims24 HicBoux you have any solution for that… is your problem resolved !!