Upgrade rvm to the latest stable version

The xenial image is using version 1.29.7 of rvm (as of today) while version 1.29.9 is the latest stable version available.
As a result, using jruby-9 alias will install jruby version instead of

Please consider using the latest stable version of rvm.

Please note that it’s not possible to manually update rvm in a before_install task because the rvm matrix runs before.

Any updates to this?

You can use Bionic with dist: bionic or update RVM yourself with rvm get stable (or rvm get head). The Xenial and older images may not get the update.

You can’t do rvm get stable before the rvm command is run (the before_install hook happens after that).

Using dist: bionic fails for Ruby 2.0 and 2.1 (which unfortunately we still need to support) with: Requested binary installation but no rubies are available to download, consider skipping

My bad. You can, however, run rvm use --install --binary --fuzzy jruby-9 afterwards.

Hmmm. You can add these jobs separately, then:

    - rvm: 2.0
      dist: xenial
    - rvm: 2.1
      dist: xenial

Using dist: bionic still does not give the latest jrubies: with rvm: 9.2 we get 9.2.7 (latest currently is 9.2.11). I am trying with a before_install

  - rvm get latest
  - rvm remove $TRAVIS_RUBY_VERSION
  - rvm use $TRAVIS_RUBY_VERSION --install --binary --fuzzy
  - gem install bundler -v '< 2'

That’s what RVM 1.29.9 gives (which was originally indicated in this issue).

The latest RVM is 1.29.10, and you can get it by rvm get stable, and it gives you JRuby

We will look into updating bionic images soon.

We will look into updating bionic images soon.

Thanks! Yeah, with an rvm update we can get the latest, but requires adding to the before_install and having rvm use twice.

Hi @alextwoods
Pls try use group: edge and dist bionic or xenial

dest: xenial
group: edge

This should boot image from Jun 24 and both xenial and bionic have rvm 1.29.10.
We are testing images and they will become stable soon.