Incorrect `--add-opens` set for JRuby 9.1.17 on xenial

See this build:

I’m trying to update our build to use the xenial distribution, but any call to JRuby results in this warning:

WARNING: Unknown module: org.jruby.dist specified to --add-opens

JRuby 9.2 injects --add-opens referring to org.jruby.dist into JAVA_OPTS, but JRuby 9.1 shouldn’t be doing that since org.jruby.dist doesn’t exist there. The JRuby 9.1 distribution doesn’t contain any --add-opens, and I can’t see anything in rvm's code that would do this.

I’ve tried setting JAVA_OPTS myself, but it seems this is overridden in some way because it didn’t have any effect.

Searching $HOME (where all rvm stuff including installed files and Travis custom logic resides) (and /opt for good measure where Travis installs some software on demand) for these lines suggest that this is a problem with jruby-launcher-1.1.10-java gem.

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Thanks for figuring this out. I’ve filed a bug report.