Ubuntu Xenial and Bionic never run

I have a build matrix set up to build for Windows, OSX, Xenial and Bionic. The Windows and OSX builds complete without error. These 2 are the first to always run. The Xenial and Bionic get queued but they never run. after 3 hours they error. no description to the error.

Here you can see the 2 jobs sitting there doing nothing.

and here is an example of the error.

The example where the error is I may have had an issue in the build script IDK if I did or I didn’t because the thing still does not run.

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind to this. I found the issue… I am such a ding dong… I forgot to specify the os…

Glad to hear you could fix this on your own!

Take also note that arrays aren’t supported for dist: under matrix.include: i.e.

    - dist: xenial

is supported but

    - dist:
        - xenial

is not.

It’s funny because I got a good portion of the yaml file i put together from examples on the travis-ci webpage and specifically the linux matrix is part of what I got from there. I had to alter it to suit my needs but it did not have the os element in it. I just happened to be looking at the thing and noticed that the others had it. There is a bug in the host side code that reads the yaml file it should have kicked out an error stating what was wrong as soon as it read the file. instead it simply let the job hang for several hours before it would simply “error” with no reason.

as far as the arrays go. I find it strange that they are not. supported for dist.

I do not know if this is something that can take place or not. but if you take an example like this where 2 versions of a package that is available. one for xenial and one for bionic. they are distributed using apt under the same name but there are differences between the 2. so instead of having to duplicate the whole build matrix for each linux distribution setting up the dist to accept multiple versions would be a nice feature.

also is there a place where all of the yaml verbage and syntax is explained?
This is something i could not locate. had to piece it together from examples mostly. I personally find it easier to look at the code then to read any API documentation but that is me. if there is/was an example yaml file with all of the different elements in there and have comment lines for each element giving a simple one or 2 line description of what it does. and maybe a link to a more detailed explanation for that element would be handy to have.

What I have not been able to locate is if I wanted to have Python and C/C++ languages together… this is a very common thing to do with python because of the C Extension modules that can be built.

I know the Windows portion of travis is not yet finished but is there a way to specify the Windows SDK, platform toolkit or any other extension to msvc and it’s related components?