Trigging TravisCI builds from forked Github PRs

I have a repo setup to trigger TravisCI builds on new Github pull requests.

However for the following pull request which is a fork of the source repository, none of the TravisCI builds are triggered. My suspicion is that the PR owner would need to setup a TravisCI integration for their forked repo in order for the status checks to pass.

Is there a better way of getting contributors to contribute to your repo without needing them to setup their own TravisCI integrations?

Hey there,

If you would like to use the Travis CI, integration must be enabled on the source repository. Otherwise, you won’t see any checks on your PR and pushed changes.

The repository you have shared is only enabled for the source/base repository so checks will run only on the source repo.

That is just how the integration between Travis CI and GitHub works.


Travis CI Staff

Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for the reply.

So the owner of the forked repo would have to enable the TravisCI integration on the forked repo to have it run the checks?

What I ended up doing was creating a branch on my own repo that pulled in the changes from the forked repo, and that ended up getting the checks in the forked PR to pass. Not sure if this is the recommended approach.

I know that some CI services like CircleCI give you an option to explicitly allow forked pull requests to build, but I don’t see this option within TravisCI.