Status check created for an internal PR but not for an external one

I have a repo setup where before a merge can occur into a branch it requires:

  1. a Code Review
  2. a Successful build of a pull request.

If I push a feature branch to my repo and create a PR that works fine, but IF the contributor fork the project and then created a PR the PR never triggers a build.

Has anyone ran into this type of issue before?

Could you give example links?

I suspect that the 2nd PR rather has some error that prevents a build.


Usually I have the code execute a PR request. My .travis config is here

This is a different PR that has the usual check offs though it’s based on a feature branch from the same repo.

Any thoughts?

Interesting, what does “Abuse Detected” mean?

Exactly what it says on the tin ©. They use various heuristic checks that they obviously don’t divulge.

You can however guess possible reasons from past topics.
E.g. this one looks relevant: