Travis sending emails even though email: false in yml

In the last couple of days, I’ve received a handful of emails from Travis for Submitty/Submitty when a branch finishes building, even though email is set to false. My .travis.yml file can be found here.

For example, I just got an email for the completion of this build.

I’m having the same problem. This is definitely a recent issue as this was not a problem last week.

We’re having a similar problem, Travis is sending notifications for Pull Requests builds even though we specify on_pull_requests: false. Link to our full config. This affects many of our repositories.

It has started on Friday, previously the notifications did not appear.

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look shortly.

We’ve pushed some potential fixes today. If you have seen this issue after Sept 30 15:26:50 UTC, please report with the build URL. Thanks.

Hi, I’m experiencing this issue currently. Link is Let me know if there’s any more info I can provide that would be helpful!

Can you share the configuration? Our record indicates that you have

    enabled: false

which is incorrect (and results in the default behavior).

What you want is:

  email: false

Yeah, that’s odd, I also see enabled: true in the Build Config JSON object, but I’ve confirmed the yml file itself just has email: false.

I’ll attach a screenshot below.

The resulting build config:

I think the discrepancy is due to your enabling config validation. (I was unaware of the normalization.) Does the email still fire if you disable the validation in

Did you toggle the validator setting on this repo recently? I see several builds over the last few days, but only a few of them (96, 97, 98, 99, 102, 103) sent email. These are all on the rich-text-content branch. Please confirm this.

This one corresponds to build 104, a PR build on the dev branch, and did not fire email.

Hmm, I wasn’t aware of toggling that option. It’s possible one of my colleagues did though. I’ll un-toggle the option and see if that fixes the issue.

I’ve been seeing the same issue since a few days. I’m sure that I never enabled “build config validation”, and I’m the only one with repo access.

The config is also verified as correct btw:

language: go
  - '1.13.x'
go_import_path: ''
  - 'GO111MODULE=on'
    - '$HOME/.cache/go-build'
    - '$GOPATH/pkg'
  email: false
  - 'rm -rf $HOME/.cache/go-build/log.txt $GOPATH/pkg/mod/cache/vcs'
  - 'go vet ./...'
  - 'go generate ./... && [ $(git status -s | wc -l) -gt 1 ] && git diff && exit 1 || true'
  - 'go test -race -coverprofile=coverage.txt -coverpkg=./... ./...'
  - 'bash <(curl -s'
  "go": [
  "os": [
  "env": {
    "jobs": [
        "GO111MODULE": "on"
  "cache": {
    "directories": [
  "script": [
    "go vet ./...",
    "go generate ./... && [ $(git status -s | wc -l) -gt 1 ] && git diff && exit 1 || true",
    "go test -race -coverprofile=coverage.txt -coverpkg=./... ./..."
  "language": "go",
  "before_cache": [
    "rm -rf $HOME/.cache/go-build/log.txt $GOPATH/pkg/mod/cache/vcs"
  "after_success": [
    "bash <(curl -s"
  "notifications": {
    "email": [
        "enabled": false
  "go_import_path": ""

Which repository is this for, and when did you receive it?

Thanks; the repo is, and the first email I got was today at 16:36 UTC +8, roughly 5 hours ago (I thought I had some yesterday as well, but looks like I didn’t; it’s been a few very busy days :sweat_smile:).

Thanks for the info. We’ll take a look. Sorry for the confusion here.

Hello, there. We’ve deployed, which fixes this issue.

Let us know if you continue to receive email. Thanks!