Travis Decrypting command not working


I am trying to decrypt a file within Travis, and i have redone it twice now, and i Keep getting this error:

im like 99% sure i followed the exact instructions at


Where do you see this?


this error is within my build log


Please include the log URL. Thanks.



In, you see that your encypted key and iv are not decrypted. Did you follow the instructions in


im sorry i dont understand what youre trying to say with you see that your encypted key and iv are not decrypted
i followed the instructions, i have the openssl command before install, just like the travis encrypt-file --add command has added it


During that command’s execution, you should see the message:

storing secure env variables for decryption

which would have stored the environment variables needed for decrypting the file. Did you see the message?


i am not sure. there are no environment variables (beside my usernames and passwords) set within the travis repo.


Do you see it if you rerun the command?


@BanzaiMan grafik

but they did not get added to the travis repo

EDIT: i have noticed that i was logged in on travis.COM instead of ORG, so i changed that, but that did not help it either


What did you see when you ran travis encrypt-file --com GPGKey.gpg --add?




…now i have the variables in the travis repo, but now the decrypt command fails again…


Hmm. The command appears to be failing still. Could you try adding the -r flag to specify (even if you are in the root of your repo) to specify the repository (e.g., -r OWNER/REPO)?


@banzaiman do i need to say anything about this?


The cases are wrong. It’s KalUtils, right?



the resulting log:

(still fails)

EDIT: i have removed all variables and extra code and files this time before pushing the new encrypted file


Do you have access to a Linux box (or a Mac)? If so, could you try the same command there?


@banzaiman update: unfortunately i am unable to get my hands on a linux machine.