Travis CI web interface is blank unless permission is granted for persistent browser storage

In my main browser profile, I have persistent storage disallowed by default, granting it only for sites that I trust to use it appropriately and feel they would enrich the user experience with how they use it.

For everything else, I use a separate ephemerally-configured browser. It’d be nice if I could at least see build status information on in my primary browser.

The empherally configured browser is for digitally unhygienic websites operated by companies with questionable motives or poor technology practices. I believe Travis CI isn’t deserving of that designation. You can, and usually do, much better :slight_smile:

Instead, all the privacy-conscious user gets to see right now is a blank page:


I’m pretty sure this is unintentional. It’s a common mistake due to the JavaScript missing the required try/catch clause around one of the statements that reads an optional value from window.localStorage on The code already deals with the value being absent, it just needs to also catch the allocation error and treat it the same as if there were no value stored.