Cannot login to "state mismatch" (via GitHub)



Seems similar to


Could you elaborate on how you see this issue? What you tried, what you observed (screen shot might help), etc.

  1. Navigate to and click on “Sign in with GitHub” button:

  1. Observe redirect to page that says “state mismatch with URL”:************



Hello, there. We’ve resynced your data again. Could you test again to see if the issue is resolved now?


Unfortunately still broken (same syndrome).

Other things I tried:

  1. Disable ABP for TravisCI dot org
  2. Clear website data for TravisCI dot org (I am on Safari)


Does the same happen if you do it in an incognito window?


I am able to login now! In regular mode.

I tried in incognito mode and that works too.

I am guessing the data resync must have now kicked in. Thanks for you help!


Awesome! Great to hear.