Artefact synchronisation with GitLab


Currently we are using Travis for generating und deploying MacOSX artefacts. Unfortunately, GitLab does not offer an osx agent (yet).

However, we are building and publishing Linux and Windows artefacts on GitLab. Our code and our whole CI/CD setup is on GitLab.

This is suboptimal though: it could happen that Linux/Windows artefacts get publishing but MacOSX ones not (because the Travis build for some reason failed). Or the other way around. Ideally, GitLab should fetch artefacts built by Travis and push the whole bundle (Li/Wi/Ma - Python wheels) to

Alternatively, Travis would fetch the artefacts built by GitLab and push everything to

Would be interested to know your experience. Or which possibilities/strategies would you suggest here?

Thanks and have a nice week-end. Greetings,