Travis CI Build no longer showing as check on github pull request page

We are using travis-ci to build and test our open source project, and the result has always been posted to the pull request page. You can see an example here:

For some reason unknown as it stands, travis-CI is no longer posting to the pull request pages:

However, the build is being triggered:

Anyone have any ideas on why this might be? No changes have been made to the organizations settings or the travis.yml file.

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This happens when we lose the credentials that can post to the repository. We have 2 users associated with keylime/keylime, but neither has admin access to it.

“We have 2 users associated with keylime/keylime, but neither has admin access to it.”

Could you let me know where you gathered that info? I am guessing one is me, if so I am the organisation owner and created keylime/keylime?

How would I reinstate credentials again?

@lhinds we have compared our database to what GitHub reports to us on their API manually.

Using the GitHub OAuth token that we have for your user record GitHub’s API is telling us that you do not have admin permissions on the repository keylime/keylime:

$ curl -s -H "Authorization: token $token" | jq .login
$ curl -s -H "Authorization: token $token" | jq .permissions
  "admin": false,
  "push": false,
  "pull": true

Posting status updates unfortunately requires admin permissions. If you are an admin on this repository I am not sure why GitHub is reporting that you are not. If you are not an admin then the solution would be to find an admin, and ask them to sign up on

I have no idea what’s going on then. I am the current owner of the repository and the org. The only instance I have seen of ‘admin’ is that I get rights to force a merge

Other than that there is no other mention of admin grants, just the section allowing me to transfer ownership.

I guess the best bet is to tear this down and create it again (travis / github integration), but I would have liked to have known what went wrong, as no changes were made on our side that I know of. It just stopped posting build statuses to the pull request page.

Could you try the commands that @svenfuchs indicated in the previous post with your own token to see if we somehow ended up with a wrong one for you? (You can find jq here.)

I have a similar situation and was checking my authorized applications. I had a “GitHub CI for Open Source” OAuth application, which was last used 2 weeks ago. I revoked it to try to reenable it and can’t find it in the marketplace. I noticed that there is a new Travis CI application, but that it for and I am using, which seems to be the case here as well.

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If you revoke the access at and log out of, you should be prompted to grant access to Travis CI again.


Thanks. Also, it’s showing on GitHub again for me.

I have same problem 2 month ago in another repo and now again.

Also Travis sometime fails without any reason, but CircleCI/GithubCI is ok.

There are a few topics of this nature, so I’ll gather them into one.

See GitHub status not posted on commits on repositories using legacy Service integration for further details.

Oh, ok.