Travis CI build failing with 'nice-try not accessible from get-audio-duration:cross-spawn'

I’m trying to get my Travis CI build to pass but it keeps failing with:

nice-try not accessible from get-audio-duration:cross-spawn

I thought maybe it was because ffmpeg wasn’t around so get-audio-duration was failing so I added it to the the .yml file

  - sudo apt-get update
  - sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

This installs ffmpeg but it still errors out


Still nothing, can anyone make sense of this? Thanks!

Searching for “cross-spawn” unltimately finds that it’s a separate NPM package. Looking for nice-try in its source code shows that it has been removed, and it’s actually a reference to yet another package.

So whoever is producing that error (you provided no stacktrace so can’t say who) is 1) incompatible with the newer version of get-audio-duraction and/or cross-spawn; and 2) seems to be trying to invoke nice-try via a reference to it in other modules rather than requiring and calling it directly as they should.

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Thanks, I bumped the version of get-audio-duration and now it’s working, ty!

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