Multiple build issues today


I’m having different issues today with running travis builds:

  1. Some environment variables set on project settings are not being passed to the job
  2. Some jobs are failing due to /home/travis/.travis/functions: line 503: 11768 Terminated
  3. Some jobs are failing due to /home/travis/.travis/functions: line 543: echo: write error: Resource temporarily unavailable

Is this a known issue from travis? I couldn’t find any information on the status page. (And we haven’t changed our job settings/configuration for months)

Thanks in advance

Hey @marcelolima,

Sometimes switching kernels could throw an error, but usually it’s correlated with EAGAIN. Try adding this line in your before_install section of your .travis.yml, I’m assuming you’re dealing with Python via the nature of the errors, if you’re using Python2, again put this in your before_install:

python2 -c 'import os,sys,fcntl; flags = fcntl.fcntl(sys.stdout, fcntl.F_GETFL); fcntl.fcntl(sys.stdout, fcntl.F_SETFL, flags&~os.O_NONBLOCK);'

If you happen to be using Python3.5+, you can add before your before_install line in your YAML file:

python3 -c 'import os,sys; os.set_blocking(sys.stdout.fileno(), True)'  

Both of these statements will turn off NBM for stdout.